Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Year

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to try and blog more often.  I've heard people call this their family journal and that's what I want to try and make ours.  Nathan started working as a salesman for Liberty GMC at the beginning of January and is doing really well.  He has health and dental insurance and we are grateful for that.  

I have been working as a report processor for a lady in my home ward.  It's nice because I can work from home for about 4 hours a day and we don't have to have another car.  

Shyanne is doing really well in 2nd grade.  Something new this year that she gets to experience is taking the school bus.  I've always been worried about the bus, because my experience from when I was younger was that the kids act dorky.  I am happy to say that so far everything is working out beautifully.  I walk her to the front of our apartments and stay with her until the bus picks her up and at the end of the day when the bus drops her off she simply walks home.  I honestly don't know why we didn't do this sooner, but I'm glad we did and that she loves riding the bus to school. 

We moved into our ward at the end of September and both of us have callings that we really enjoy.  Nathan was called as the Bear Cub Scout Den Leader.  Every Tuesday night he goes to the church around 6:30 and works with the Bears, which right now is only one boy.  That will be changing shortly I'm sure as upcoming boys turn 8.  I have been called as the Primary Pianist again.  I've had this calling before in our old ward and really love it.  There is just something about Primary songs that is so simple and sweet  and explains the gospel beautifully.  Well that is all for now I have to get dinner ready.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quick Update

Just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive and well.  Nathan lost his job with Liberty Buick on July 5th of last year and was able to get another job with Berge Ford in May.  He is selling fleet vehicles and doing finance when they need him.  I got a job as an orthodontic assistant working for Western Dental.  Well after about 1 1/2 months I thankfully found another job with a private orthodontist working less hours, but making about the same amount as when I worked 5 days a week.  Shyanne turned 7 in April and about 2 weeks after summer break started to inform me that she was "bored" and ready to go back to school.  Yeah... it's been a long summer, but we are thankful for the blessings Heavenly Father has given us and the strength to get through the trials of this last year.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Interview

I saw this on a friend's blog and thought it was a cute idea. Shyanne turned 6 on April 21st and this is her birthday interview.

I WANT: to go to Hawaii & Red Lobster
I HAVE: toothless (from How to Train a Dragon- her favorite toy)
I WISH: I could have a barbershop toy (cute barbershop chair at Target)
I HATE: bees & mosquitos
I MISS: my friends
I HEAR: music from my movie
I WONDER: if my eyes are still "looking" when I sleep
I AM NOT: an animal
I SING: when I feel sad or want to sing
I NEED: perfume (the kind in a bottle with a squirter on it)
I SHOULD: do more chores

* How old are you? 6
* What is your favorite color? All the colors in the rainbow
* What is your favorite food? Fettuccini & crab legs
* What is your favorite beverage? Milk & water
* What is your favorite cereal? Cookie crisp
* What is your favorite smell? Smoke (from campfires, bbq)
* What is your favorite time of day? Nighttime
* What is your favorite game? Hide and go seek & tag
* What was the last movie you saw? Cars 2
* What if your favorite article of clothing? My parrot shirt
* What is your dream vacation? Disneyland
* What do you love most about daddy? He likes candy & our daddy daughter dates
* What do you love most about mommy? You cook good food
* What is your favorite "me-time" activity? Fingerpainting
* What are some of your talents? Drawing & building things
* What was your favorite thing about being 5 years old? Going to Kindergarten
* What are you most excited about being 6 years old? I'm older like my other friends.

We love you Shyanne and are grateful you are in our eternal family! Love Mom and Dad

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Winter Concert

Shyanne w/ her teacher Mrs. Carr

Before the Christmas break last year the Kindergarteners had a concert. Shyanne was so excited to be up there with her friends and perform the songs she'd been singing for a couple of months.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going Private

I've heard some things in the blogging world that are a little scary about who's looking at your pictures etc. so I've decided it's time to go private for real this time. If you want to keep up with what our family is doing give me your email and I'll add you to the list. Thanks!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes, our pumpkin really was that big!

Hay ride through the farm.

Shyanne eating some yummy fresh grilled corn.

Me being happy that Shyanne and I stayed dry on our first canoe ride!

At the entrance of the pumpkin patch.
We decided to go up north to pick our halloween pumpkins last year. We ended up finding Freeman Farms and it was such a cute place. We went through a corn maze, rode a canoe, rode a merry-go-round, Shyanne had her arm painted, went to their petting zoo, ate fresh grilled corn, went on a hay ride, and picked out our pumpkins. It was a long day, but well worth the time to just hang out as a family and make memories.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Costume Ideas

Well it's starting to get to that time of year again- yes I'm talking about Halloween. A friend of mine has created some adorable outfits for girls you have to check out her website. Here's the link I can't wait for Halloween!