Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Interview

I saw this on a friend's blog and thought it was a cute idea. Shyanne turned 6 on April 21st and this is her birthday interview.

I WANT: to go to Hawaii & Red Lobster
I HAVE: toothless (from How to Train a Dragon- her favorite toy)
I WISH: I could have a barbershop toy (cute barbershop chair at Target)
I HATE: bees & mosquitos
I MISS: my friends
I HEAR: music from my movie
I WONDER: if my eyes are still "looking" when I sleep
I AM NOT: an animal
I SING: when I feel sad or want to sing
I NEED: perfume (the kind in a bottle with a squirter on it)
I SHOULD: do more chores

* How old are you? 6
* What is your favorite color? All the colors in the rainbow
* What is your favorite food? Fettuccini & crab legs
* What is your favorite beverage? Milk & water
* What is your favorite cereal? Cookie crisp
* What is your favorite smell? Smoke (from campfires, bbq)
* What is your favorite time of day? Nighttime
* What is your favorite game? Hide and go seek & tag
* What was the last movie you saw? Cars 2
* What if your favorite article of clothing? My parrot shirt
* What is your dream vacation? Disneyland
* What do you love most about daddy? He likes candy & our daddy daughter dates
* What do you love most about mommy? You cook good food
* What is your favorite "me-time" activity? Fingerpainting
* What are some of your talents? Drawing & building things
* What was your favorite thing about being 5 years old? Going to Kindergarten
* What are you most excited about being 6 years old? I'm older like my other friends.

We love you Shyanne and are grateful you are in our eternal family! Love Mom and Dad

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Winter Concert

Shyanne w/ her teacher Mrs. Carr

Before the Christmas break last year the Kindergarteners had a concert. Shyanne was so excited to be up there with her friends and perform the songs she'd been singing for a couple of months.